5 Reasons why Pinterest is good for your business

Pinterest is still one of the fastest growing platforms, with 250 million users every month. source

It’s not really a social media platform, it’s a visual discovery tool where people go plan their futures as well to shop and spend their hard earned money.

If your business is not on Pinterest you are missing out on traffic, leads and sales.

Still not sure? Here are 5 reasons you should give Pinterest a try.

5 reasons why Pinterest is good for business. Pinterest can help you drive website traffic, leads and sales. If you're a blogger, entrepreneur or business owner, find out why you should be on Pinterest

1. You can be a part of your customers’ future plans

You have the opportunity to be discovered by millions of people who are looking for ideas, inspiration and solutions to their problems.
86% of millennial Pinners use it to ‘plan life moments, big and small’ source
and a study found that 47% of Pinners were likely to experience a major life event in the next six months, and were disproportionately using Pinterest to plan for these events. source

2. Pinners plan purchases

A survey found that 93% of respondents use Pinterest to plan for purchases. source

3. Pinners spend more

The average order value from Pinterest referral traffic is $58.95, compared to $55 for Facebook. source 

4. Pinterest drives referral traffic

Around 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest, that’s a big deal. source
And Pinterest is viral, 80% of pins are re-pins  Make sure you’re one of the 20% creating those pins. source

5. Pin content lasts.

The average half-life of a pin is 3.5 months (that means that 50% of page views/site visits occur 3.5 months after you first posted your pin). Now compare that to a Facebook post’s half-life of 90 minutes and a Tweet’s half life of 24 minutes. Pinterest is starting to look really really good! source

So what are you waiting for? Get your business on Pinterest and start reaping the rewards

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