How to use Pinterest for business – A beginners guide

Here is my quick beginner’s guide on how to use Pinterest for Business.

If you don’t already know, Pinterest is a fantastic visual search engine and with 250 million monthly users (say what?).

Take a look for yourself, visit Pinterest and you can find what you need – ideas for what to do with an empty jam jar, a pet photographer to take stunning portraits of your pooch, how to revamp your knackered old armchair, yoga flows, fitness programmes or what to do with your kids when it’s pouring with rain, whatever it is you’ll find a solution on Pinterest.

If you are a blogger, online business owner or entrepreneur and you’re not on Pinterest, you are missing out!

By growing your Pinterest presence you can generate more click-thrus to your website/blog. More click-thrus means more sales/increase your email lists etc = Good Times!

Pinterest for Beginners - How to use Pinterest for Business, a guide for bloggers, online business owners and entrepreneurs. Use Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog or website!

So how do I even start?

Here’s how to use Pinterest for Business; first things first, you write your blog post. Then you create an image for the blog post that can be ‘pinned’ on Pinterest.

Focus on creating a bold, clean and bright image that attracts attention and stands out. If you’re using text in your image, think about how it’s going to appeal to your audience. Does it solve their problem? e.g. 7 tools every blogger needs to sky-rocket productivity!

Once you have your image and are ready to create a pin, you’ll need to add a description. Use keywords in your description, these will help you show up in Pinterest search results.

Pin created, where do I save it?

Aside from including the image in your blog post (so your readers can pin it), you can save it on as many Pinterest boards as you like (your own board and group boards that you contribute to). You should definitely have a Pinterest business account (so you can access analytics), and I’d recommend that your main board should be your business board, exclusively featuring your own pins.

You can then create other boards that reflect the business/niche you are in, as well as boards for your interests/hobbies (not too many of these though). In addition, you should join group boards, again in your niche, and post your content there. The benefit of joining a group board, is that when post your content to the group it is reaching all of their followers (which can be hundreds of thousands) so you’re getting exposure to a much larger audience.

Is that it? Can I sit back and relax now?

Not quite. In order to grow your Pinterest account, it’s really important to become a regular pinner. Look to pin between 11 and 30 times a day. And work on the 80/20 rule, 80% of pins should be your own content and 20% other content.

Don’t panic! You don’t have to spend 25 hours a day creating pins, searching for pins and re-pinning, you can schedule your pins. And breathe!

Scheduling pins

Use a scheduling tool like Tailwind to create a pinning schedule. You can optimise your pins based on when your audience is most engaged (how cool is that?).

Let’s recap on everything you need to do to get started on Pinterest

  • Create a Pinterest business account (or convert your current Pinterest account)
  • Create a fabulous Pinterest profile, optimised with a keyword rich description and your web address
  • Create around 10 boards, keeping one board exclusively for your content
  • Optimise your boards with keyword rich titles and descriptions
  • Join group boards
  • Follow influencers in your industry/niche
  • Create and pin your striking pin graphics (with great titles and descriptions) to your boards and group boards
  • Create your Tailwind account and start scheduling

Hopefully that’s given you somewhere to start with how to use Pinterest for Business, but if that all seems like too much to think about, on top of everything else you have to do, let me help! I offer a variety of Pinterest services, from account set-up to monthly management and maintenance of your Pinterest account.

If you’d like to find out more contact me for a no obligation chat.

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